Energy Storage

The advancement of battery technology in the recent years has seen expediential growth in the energy storage industry.  As Lithium Ferro Phosphate or LiFeP04 is now the leading chemistry in high-capacity energy storage whilst maintaining its reputation as the safest on the market.

The benefits of Lithium provide redundancy over existing string configurations of VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) enabling Q Energy to provide next level stability in our UPS and SPS power systems.

When integrated into our SCADA platform Q Energy Solutions can monitor and record internal string cell data of each battery module in operation to ensure ongoing performance for the operational life of the battery.

  • Maintenance Free
  • Fast Charging
  • High Efficiency
  • Flexible Capacity Design
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Free Warranty Returns
  • Master BMS in each Battery
  • High Temperature Tolerance
  • Compatible AC & DC Coupled Systems
  • Mechanically Robust Cylindrical Cells
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Direct Replacement for Lead Acid in most applications
  • Increased Storage Efficiency

Battery storage with 10-year peace of mind Product Warranty.
Best warranty on the market

Premium and Eco Batteries

Q Energy Solutions have partnered up with Power Plus Energy, an Australian manufacturer who offers a 10-year product warranty on their Premium and Eco range of Batteries.

Power Plus Energy Website
Power Plus Energy Warranty

Battery Replacement

For individual replacement of existing 2V VRLA (Gel) battery systems, Q Energy Solutions are resellers of GNB Exide Sonnenschein Batteries.

Sonnenschein Brochure
Sonnenschein Warranty

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